Other Products

We also provide Silver Oxide ACS Grade, in quantities from 25 grams upto 15kg.  E-Mail us with the quantitiy you're interested in and we will promptly send a price quote.

Silver Oxide ACS Grade

We can also provide the following: (All below products are 99.99% minimum purity)
Ammonium Tetrachloroplatinate (II) - Formula: (NH4)2PtCl4
Chloroauric (III) Acid - Formula: HAuCl4.xH2O
Hexachloroplatinic Acid (IV) - Formula: H2PtCl6.6H2O
Iridium (IV) Chloride - Formula: IrCl4
Palladium (II) Chloride - Formula: PdCl2
Palladium on Charcoal, 5%
Platinum (II) Chloride - Formula: PtCl2
Potassium Hexachloropalladate - Formula: K2PdCl6
Potassium Tetrachloropalladate (II)- Formula: K2PdCl4
Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate (II)- Formula: K2PtCl4
Rhodium (III) Chloride - Formula: RhCl3
Ruthenium (III) Chloride - Formula: RuC13

Contact us if interested in one of the above products.